About Me

Below you can find more information about me, my mission, my process and why you should choose me.

"Design and programming are human activities; forget that and all is lost."

Bjarne Stroustup

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About Anthony

I'm an experienced developer with the drive and determination to remain current and relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving.

I also have the design skills and instincts to deliver a great user experience each and every time. View my Resume.

A History of Success

Many successful E-Commerce business websites for clients. Numerous awards including a National Association of Counties (NACO) Achievement Award.

My Mission

When I create websites for my clients, my sole metric for success is making them more money. It's that simple. Short of that, it's a fail and my clients might as well be spending their website budget on business cards. If I don't deliver, I refund the client's money in full. Ask other website developers to put that in writing before committing your hard-earned bucks to unknown and unverifiable quantities.

My Company

My name is my brand. I build beautiful, search engine-friendly websites that bring in money for my clients. I do both design and development work in-house. Very few Web professionals today can lay claim to a high degree of professionalism in both of these fields. This enables me to maintain the focus on both the business and aesthetic aspects of clients' websites. Nothing is outsourced.

My Process

From the clients' point of view, the methodology used by a programmer is as relevant as the price of potatoes in China. I typically spend the larger part of the requirements phase understanding the client's business model. Then, and only then, do I work through the details of how to implement a project with them.

My Guarantee

Deliverables for any project agreed upon in advance with client. All sites are developed as search engine-friendly from the ground up. Any unfulfilled promise or goal of a project means a 100% refund to client.

  • Mutually agreed deliverables
  • Open communication and transparency
  • Agreed number of revisions
  • All sites scalable

Let's talk

Unsure about you Web needs or budget? Just give me a brief description of what you want and I will get back with a ballpark price and time estimate. No obligations.